Design/Build Benefits

A Superior Method to Remodeling

Our design/build approach involves numerous benefits for you:

  1. You have one point of contact who is responsible for each critical phase and every detail.
    • Building plans
    • Interior design
    • Construction
  2. You are fully part of the design/build team. Your wishes, ideas, and needs are our primary focus.
  3. You have greater quality control through our close working partnership.
  4. All details are specified early on, and therefore you’ll know all costs, which means no major surprises later on in the project.
  5. The plans that are designed are actually build-able, so you can be confident moving forward with construction.
  6. The people working on your project are experienced, award-winning professionals.
  7. You’ll always know the status of your project and receive prompt service for all of your needs because of our ongoing and responsive communications with you.
  8. The project will begin and end on time.

Our quality approach to remodeling starts at the very beginning, when we listen to your vision for your home. Our architectural design work creates build-able plans that match your ideas and provide the solutions you need. Our expert remodeling contractors will build with fine craftsmanship and quality materials. Throughout the construction phase, your SEI Design/Build will keep you in-the-know on all project details and be responsive to your needs. It’s all part of our being an advanced design/build company.

It all begins with an initial meeting. We’ll hear about your dream, while you can see our portfolio of photographs, list of awards, and learn more about the detailed phases of work.

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