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Why should I consider SEI Design/Build?

What are your services?

What is your service area?

What is your approach to completing my project on time and on budget?

What is Design/Build?

Do I need an architect?

How do you determine the price for my project?

Will someone from SEI Design/Build be at my home each day?

Who will actually perform the work?

Can you help with the design, plans, and permits for my project?

Can you help me select materials, finishes, and other design elements?

How do you make sure my home isn’t a mess, and who will clean up?

Why should I consider SEI Design/Build? Experience, quality, and the all of the services you need to plan, design, and build your dream—these are the first of many reasons why you should consider letting us work for you. For 25 years we have been a preferred and often recommend family of remodeling professionals in Virginia and the metro Washington, D.C. area because we deliver successful remodeling projects on time, on budget, with fine design and craftsmanship. We have an advanced method for managing remodeling projects, too. We lead with outstanding service and with a practice of actively communicating with you, providing direction and information before you even ask questions. You get all the benefits from our being a full-service remodeling company, which is why our name includes “Design/Build”. And you benefit from our treating you and servicing you the very same way we would want to be cared for if we were having our home remodeled.

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What are your services? We plan, design and build all types of remodeling projects, including: whole house remodels, additions, custom kitchens, bathroom remodeling, master bedroom suites, attics, basements, as well as outdoor living spaces.

Pre-design services include:

  • Project scope development
  • Zoning compliance
  • Timetable planning

Budgeting Design services include:

  • Architectural design services
  • Drawings to blueprints
  • Permits
  • Materials selections
  • Consultants (as necessary)
    • Surveyors
    • Engineers (soils, structural, civil, etc.)
    • Interior design experts
    • Lighting designers
    • Landscape architects

Building services include:

  • Project manager
  • Certified remodelers
  • Total project staffing
    • Builder contractors
    • Carpenters
    • Electricians
    • Plumbers
    • Every one and everything you need for a thoroughly, professionally built project.

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What is your service area? Based in Vienna, VA, we service homeowners in the greater metro Washington, D.C. area, with an emphasis on Annandale, Arlington, Fairfax, Falls Church, Great Falls, Oakton, McLean, and Vienna. Back to top

What is your approach to completing my project on time and on budget? Solid project management, beginning at the very start of the project, is the key to completing your project to your satisfaction. Our 25 years of building knowledge means we know how long it will take to perform the necessary work for all types of remodeling projects. The cost of the project is established early-on, taking your goals, needs, and budget into consideration. In fact, one of the benefits of our being a design/build firm is that we can plan, design, and complete remodeling projects in less time and at highly competitive prices. You get more value for using our approach and expertise.

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What is Design/Build? This is a combination of best practices for remodeling your home. It unites all the services needed and a project management system that we’ve perfected, which provides you with benefits full of value:

  • You have one partner (SEI) responsible for every part and every person through the planning, design and construction phases.
  • You gain greater quality control at every step and with every choice. Our project manager, an superb communicator, facilitates this for you.
  • You and we learn early on the actual costs for your specific project, and therefore, there are no surprises late in the project.
  • You are assured that the plans developed are in fact build-able, so you and we can proceed with confidence.
  • Costs are controlled.
  • The project begins on time and ends on time.
  • Your team of designers and builder contractors are highly experienced professionals.
  • We provide better all around communications, from start to finish. Not all remodeling contractors apply the true features of design/build, even though they use the term. We are a leading, award-winning design/ build company with a track record of success because we do it right.

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Do I need an architect? One of our architects will be brought in on the team if your project requires architectural design services and blue prints. We have our own experts for every part of the design phase. Whether you are planning a whole house remodel, an addition, custom kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, or even if you want a green building expert, we are your full-service source. We’ll develop the plans and see through to every detail, from permitting to materials selections.

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How do you determine the price for my project? First we work with you to clearly define your project, based on your unique needs and priorities. A customized, detailed estimate is developed, which gives you an accurate project cost. This is far superior to bidding on speculation, which others will quickly offer you. When we know what the real costs will be, it’s what we abide by so you can proceed with confidence.

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Will someone from SEI Design/Build be at my home each day? Yes. The Project Manager from SEI Design/Build is assigned to your remodel and is on site each day, from the beginning to the end. The role of the Project Manager and the way those responsibilities are carried out distinguish our commitment to your satisfaction. This is a leadership role, designed to serve you and to be a steward of your goals and priorities—to make sure that your dream and the path to realizing it are equally satisfying.

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Who actually performs the work? We have everyone and every resource you need to see your remodeling dream designed and built to perfection. Throughout our 25 years of award-winning residential remodeling, we’ve been successful because of the team of professionals we’ve put together. From architectural design and interior design services to the builders and contractors who perform the construction, we are your single source for experts and single point of accountability for every detail.

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Can you help with the design, plans, and permits for my project? Every detail and task of your project is performed and managed by members of your team at SEI Design/Build. Architectural design, blueprints, permits and all zoning concerns are among the services we provide. We are a full-service remodeling company that plans, designs, and builds virtually all types of residential remodeling and construction projects. You may even have a preference for green building, so that your home is more energy efficient and that your mark on the environment is reduced. You can look to our knowledge of the latest green building guidelines and options to that your remodeling project is good for the you and the environment.

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Can you help me select materials, finishes, and other design elements? Our own experienced designer closely works with you to sort through an abundance of design ideas, colors and materials. Your interior design preferences lead the way, while you can have the full support of our designer’s expertise. Every style, every creative option is possible. The result will be the creation of your remodeling dream, down to every last detail.

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How do you make sure my home isn’t a mess, and who will clean up? Keeping the job site clean and safe are top priorities for us because we know it’s important to you. Throughout the project, we work hard—and successfully—to minimize the disruption and mess caused by the work. No matter how small or large the project, we stay on top of keeping the area in order. To be sure, whole house remodeling, additions, bath and kitchen remodeling projects create the need for you to “live around” the work being done. We have solutions to deal with every type of job, based on 25 years of experience. Every day, we pick up after ourselves. We remove debris. When your project is finished, our Shine Team arrives to provide a thorough cleaning. The Shine Team consists of professionals in construction jobsite cleaning and they enjoy making the project sparkle at the end. We consider this part of our team crucial to your satisfaction. You can move in to find every window clean, the floors clean and vacuumed, every counter spotless. You’re ready to live in your renovated spaces.

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We have answers to every question and issue involved in all types of remodeling projects.

For more information, call us at 703-641-5866.

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